Start Saving Your Home's Energy Today

Start Saving Your Home's Energy Today

Update your home's HVAC System with a Nest Thermostat installation in Lakeland & Polk County, FL

Summers in Florida can quickly become unbearable. You shouldn't have to worry about your electric bill when all you want to do is cool down and escape the humid heat. Our expert HVAC contractors at Aire J Heating and Cooling can help ease your HVAC worries with a Nest thermostat installation.

With us, you can count on reliable and honest work done efficiently. Whether you need to purchase your new Nest thermostat, or you already have one and need it installed, Aire J Heating and Cooling are the perfect ones for the job.

Don't wait any longer on saving energy costs this summer or winter. Call Aire J Heating and Cooling at 813-312-7488.

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5 benefits of installing a Nest thermostat in your home

Nest thermostats have the ability to lower your energy costs but also increase the overall security of your beloved home. You can link your Nest with your home's smoke and CO2 alarms, so that it can take appropriate action in the event of smoke or increased CO2 levels. Some other great benefits of the Nest are:

  • Save Energy and Money - You can save up to 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs
  • Remote Control - You can control your homes temperature even when you're not there
  • Energy Reports - Nest provides you with monthly home reports that allow you to track when you use the most energy and also provides you with energy saving tips
  • Smart Home Capabilities - Your Nest thermostat can be integrated with smart home systems such as Ivee, Life360, Pebble, Rachio, and SNUPI Technologies
  • Increased Safety - Nest thermostat will notify you when the temperature drops enough that your pipes could burst or if a furnace is malfunctioning
Optimize your home's HVAC system with a Nest thermostat installation today. Call Aire J Heating and Cooling at 813-312-7488 for your free estimate.